Computer repair, upgrade, maintenance services for home and business

Computer Repair and Upgrade Service

Need to swap an old spindle hard drive with a new SSD hard drive, or upgrade your computers RAM memory, we can do at the comfort of your home or business.

These are some of our services:

Antivirus “is dead,” says Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior vice president for information security. Mr. Dye estimates antivirus now catches just 45% of cyberattacks

Malware (Virus) Removal and Security Service

Yes, even people in IT get malware installed on their computer without them knowing it while using anti-virus software (this includes us).

Our team can help remove virus’ that are currently affecting your computer, whether you can actually see something is wrong with the computer or it’s hiding and running in stealth mode.

Aside from checking for virus’ with special operating systems, as a safety measure for malware, it helps to run browsers without JavaScript (only allowing JavaScript on sites you trust such as your email provider or bank). Another recommendation is to browse using a virtual machine that has a snapshot that is reset on every use.

Remember that the only system that is 100% secure is the one that is never turned on.

Here are some of our services for security: